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Golfreisen: The St Andrews Experience – St Andrews Scotland

The Old Course in St Andrews Scotland, is and will always be the Home of Golf and should be on every golfers „Bucket list“ it has been on mine for the last 51 years.

The St Andrews Experience

It has only taken me 51 years to play the hallowed fairways of the Old Course in St Andrews but it has been worth the wait, after visiting the area as a child and as a father with my own family the time has come…..I’m teeing it up at 6:30am I have luck today, I was drawn from the ballot box and after a life time of waiting, well I’m still not ready the butterflies in my stomach are going crazy. As I walk down Golf Place past Auchterlonies golf shop I am reminded that this little club making shop has been here 125 years and that all the greats in golf at some point have graced the shop with their presence…only a few more steps now and there it is the most famous of clubhouses straight in front of me and to my left the 18th green that has seen so many great champions finish their final round in glory.

I greet the starter with my clubs on my back, today is all about tradition and how I dreamt of playing the Old Course….my favorite clubs, the Scottish weather and being part of forever. As my name is softly called out by the starter, I tee it up look down the fairway and as wide as it is I am hoping to land my ball on it, and make good contact…one more look at the clubhouse, three waggles of the fairway wood and !!!…

The towns University was founded in 1413 and is the oldest in Scotland and famous in its own right. Rolling forward to 1502 when King James lifted his notorious ban on golf…”yes it was banned in Scotland”, later only to be seen walking the fairways himself. By 1754 there was a course of 12 holes at St Andrews, ten of which where played twice to deliver a total of 22 holes and in the same year 22 noblemen, professors and land owners founded the Society of St Andrews Golfers, an organization that would become the precursor to the Royal & Ancient,  the sport’s governing body everywhere in the world except for the USA and Mexico….but really who cares about them eh!!!

As I line up my final putt on the 18th green it’s just after 10:30 and there are golfers and day tourists walking around, some are watching us finish and the feeling is great…”come on back and threw and watch it roll Frankie”, as it disappears into the hole I breath out and appreciate the 5 people clapping my putt…a great day of golf comes to an end and one never to be forgotten, I hope that one day you too can enjoy and experience the magic of St. Andrews and if I have one golf wish for my fellow golfers then that would be it ….Oh and don’t forget on Sundays the hallowed fairways are closed to golfers but open to the public who may walk their dogs and take their kids to run, and play on the fairways of St Andrews Old Course….WHY ? because its tradition of course.

All the best and keep it on the fairway.